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Hello and welcome to my Blog!  My name is Andy and I am passionate about sharing knowledge on subjects that are of interest to me.  My education, experiences and life choices have helped to shape me as an individual and I appreciate the opportunity to connect with people who have similar interests, in the hope that I can use what I have learned to help them get ahead in life.  I also know that there are plenty of people out there who’s knowledge and wisdom could have a positive impact on my life.  Perhaps you are one of them!

My Academic Background

My academic background is in Engineering.  I completed both a Bachelors Degree and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Brunel University and was involved in a number of research projects in a Manufacturing environment.  My strengths lie in the production of computational models, used to simulate manufacturing processes.  For example, I have developed numeric models of the injection moulding cycle, which have been used to optimise component cooling times.  Shorter moulding cycle times result in greater productivity.  To find out more about my academic background, please check out my ‘Education and Qualifications‘ page using the tab above.

My Health and Fitness Background

Although my academic background is in Engineering, I also hold Vocational Qualifications in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training.  Over the years I have made significant improvements to my own health and fitness levels and have helped others along the way.  I actually spent 3 years working as a freelance Personal Trainer during a short break from the worlds of Engineering and Education!  Working as a Personal Trainer enabled me to network with people I would not ordinarily have had the opportunity to meet.  It also complimented my desire to help others to achieve their potential.  To learn more about my background in the Wellness Sector and the changes I have made to my own physical health, vitality and well-being, please visit my ‘Health and Wellness‘ page above.

My Introduction to Business

During my time working as a Personal Trainer I was first introduced to the benefits of business (specifically home business).  In 2006 I started building my own Network Marketing organisation, distributing high quality nutrition and healthcare products.  My marketing and promotion is now done primarily using Internet Marketing strategies and I have been able to learn and apply a number of powerful techniques for ranking highly in Search Engines for a range of profitable keywords.  These strategies have enabled me to drive my own business forward, by generating more automated sales, giving me leverage in my business.

I have received numerous awards and endorsements for my achievements in my business and I am now in a position to teach my own team of distributors how to market and sell their products online.  Network Marketing has proven to be a perfect way for me to leverage my time and efforts and I have been able to build a stronger foundation for my own organisation by helping others  to succeed.  In my opinion, Network Marketing is a perfect way to generate income, whilst forging strong relationships with like-minded people.  The Internet offers the perfect platform for Networking and selling any product (when you know how!).  To find out more about my Home Based Network Marketing Business, or business in general, please click on the ‘Business and Entrepreneurship‘ tab.

I have met some truly inspirational people since starting my business and they have influenced my own views, opinions and goals.  You can find out who I have been fortunate enough to meet and how they have shaped my mindset on my ‘Personal Development‘ page.

My Teaching Background

Following my brief sabbatical from Engineering and Education I decided to retrain and become a Teacher.  I actually qualified as a Maths Teacher in 2010 and I worked in a Further Education College as an engineering teacher until March 2017. My decision to resign from my teaching post was a difficult one, but I continue to embrace my passion for teaching through my own engineering education business, the Engineers Academy®.

For me, Education underpins everything that we do to move ourselves and our lives in a positive direction.  Without the relevant knowledge we are unable to take the necessary steps to initiate meaningful change.

However, knowledge isn’t all that we need.  There is a huge difference between knowing something and applying it.  That is why it is very rare that any of the topics discussed on my blog are treated as mutually exclusive.  For example we all know what we should and shouldn’t do to improve our health.  We all have a certain amount of knowledge on the subject, but does that mean that we always make the right choices?

Personal Development

It is my firm belief that Personal Development plays an essential role  when an individual is looking to make progress in any area of life.  There are tried and tested strategies that anyone can apply in order to improve their chances of following through with any plan, in pursuit of a goal.  Once in an empowered state, someone is far more likely to do whatever it takes to achieve their potential.  On that note, it is important to make sure you have goals, targets and a plan, which are fundamental principles in personal development!

As another example, many of us know what we need to do to improve our financial situation. For some of us it is to start a savings account, or get a second job, or build a part time business from home.  So why are some people unwilling to make the short term sacrifices to achieve their long term goals?  Why do some people allow themselves to be seduced by short term wins, rather than holding their focus on the bigger picture?  All of the strategies that I have learned to help me to take action are a direct result of things I have read or listened to.  What I have learned is that there is no need to reinvent the wheel because people have faced similar challenges in the past and have overcome them.  Personal development is about learning from others who have achieved what we are striving to achieve, rather than making unnecessary mistakes of our own.

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I hope you enjoy learning more about me through my Blog and I invite you to add your questions and comments on any of the content posted here.  I sincerely look forward to connecting with you in the future!

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