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The Usana home business is a powerful network marketing business opportunity which has been the financial vehicle of choice for entrepreneurs all around the world since the company was founded in 1992.

The information on this page is intended as an overview of the Usana business opportunity only.  For full details about Usana Health Sciences, their product ranges and the Award-winning compensation plan, please watch the Usana Health and Freedom Presentation using the link below:

>> USANA Health and Freedom Presentation <<

Usana Home Business Review

usana home buisnessAssuming you have read the Home Business and Network Marketing page, you will have a good understanding of the key benefits of this type of business over employment, self-employment and even traditional business.

Anyone can start their own home based network marketing business with Usana Health Sciences.  As an Independent Associate for Usana, you would be building your own distributorship and hence, your own income producing asset.

Usana Network Marketing Business Benefits

In this section, we are going to explore the home based network marketing business benefits (discussed previously) in relation to Usana Health Sciences and the Usana Business Opportunity specifically.

Building Your Usana Home Business Part Time

A Usana business can be built on a part time basis, alongside your other work commitments. I personally invest between 10 and 15 hours per week into my business, but I know people who are in the process of building a profitable Usana home business investing as little as 5 hours of focused effort each week.

Your goal might be to simply earn some extra income to enhance the salary from your career or job.  Alternatively you may be looking to replace your income entirely and build true wealth and financial freedom.  That is the beauty of owning a Usana business, because it can evolve and grow with you, as your goals change.  The more effectively you work your business, the more passive, residual income you can potentially generate.  This will become increasing evident when you watch the video in the next section.

Low Investment / High Potential Return with Your Usana Business

The best way to understand Usana’s income potential is by learning more about how Usana Associates get paid.  The video below outlines a number of potential income streams that can be generated with Usana:

You can start your own Usana distributorship with a Usana business builder pack from as little as $300 US, up to $1250 US for a professional pack.  There are equivalent starter packs available in each of Usana’s markets and prices are comparable, but can vary from market to market.


To keep one Usana business centre open for commissions you are required to purchase 100 points worth of products each month, at a cost of approximately $120 US or equivalent.  A 200 point monthly product order will keep all business centres active. It is worth noting that you can either use these products yourself, or sell them to keep your running costs down.

For more details about Usana’s compensation plan, please watch the Usana Health and Freedom Presentation, or contact me on

Building an Income Producing Business Asset

A Usana business is an asset in the truest sense.  You invest time and money into your business and it has the potential to generate recurring income, whether you are actively working your business or not.  Your Usana business can grow exponentially if you are able to develop a network of distributors who are actively building their businesses.

Because you are the owner of your Usana distributorship, you are entitled to transfer title of your Usana business to another person at any point.  When you have reached an age or time in your life when you no longer want to actively work on your Usana business, you can pass it on to a family member or friend, so they can continue to benefit from the efforts that you have put in to building the business.  Therefore, a Usana business can outlast the individual who originally built the organisation!

Leverage Your Time and Efforts with Usana

As you have probably seen from the video in the ‘Low Investment / High Potential Return‘ section, you can leverage your time and efforts by working with a team of distributors who you have chosen to personally work with.

Once you have built a solid foundation for your Usana Network Marketing business you can pass on what you have learned to your team so that they can begin building successful businesses too.  Remember to live by habit 4 in Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’: ‘Think Win, Win‘.  You benefit when you help others to succeed, so nurture your distributors and you will reap the rewards!

Established Usana Products

usana business

I have written at length about Usana’s award winning, pharmaceutical grade healthcare products in the ‘Health and Wellness‘ section of this website.  For an overview of the products, please follow the link below: 

Usana Product Handling and Distribution

When your customers place either retail or wholesale orders with Usana, those orders are fulfilled at Usana headquaters.  They package and distribute your customers’ products for you and at the end of the week you receive your commissions on all orders placed within your organisation.

Customers are able to log into their Usana account and track their orders.  If there are any problems then they can contact Usana directly. Usana will resolve any issues for your customers.

When customers in your organisation place repeat orders through their account, you still receive commissions because they are still your customers.  This can give you passive, recurring income without the hassle of taking order details, or packaging and shipping any products.

Training, Mentoring and Support with Usana

As I mentioned on the Business and Entrepreneurship page, my own business education only really started after I was introduced to Usana.  My eyes were opened to a whole new way of making money.  I learned the principles discussed on this page and I knew from that point forward, Usana would play a huge role in shaping my financial future.

When you start your own Usana distributorship, there are countless people who have a vested interest in your success and that is why the training and support in this industry is second to none.

Your sponsor will provide you with basic training to get your business started and will also offer information about training events, both in your local area and online (in the form of webcasts).  It is important to partner with an Associate who can help you to get what you want, as discussed on the Usana Business Partner Opportunity page.

Your up-line team will also be on hand to provide training and support.  I have received a wealth of knowledge and coaching from members of my up-line.  I have attended events all around the UK, with speakers and associates from around the world in attendance.  I have also attended Usana’s International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, US.  Since starting my Usana business I have had the privilege of listening to some of the most inspirational and influential entrepreneurs, who have already achieved true wealth with Usana.  The training that I have received has been invaluable for my own development.


Usana Home Business Summary

Before you start a Usana home business it is important to consider who you want to work with to build your business.  The person who sponsors you into Usana will be your business coach and will be responsible for guiding you to success.  For this reason I strongly urge you not to rush into any decisions.

For details of what I offer to new distributors in my organisation, please read my Usana Business Partner Opportunity page:

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