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Barriers to Weight Loss #3 (Emotional Barriers)

emotional barriers to weight lossSo far in this article series we have discussed 2 of the 3 key barriers to weight loss.  These obstacles might help to account for why around 60% of the UK population are overweight or obese.  We have looked at the Physical Barriers (medical issues, injuries, etc.) and Environmental Barriers (work schedules, other commitments, gym accessibility, etc.).

Today we will discuss the 3rd and final barrier according to ‘Barriers to Weight Loss #3 – Emotional Barriers’. Continue reading

Barriers to Weight Loss #2

barriers to weight lossIn my last post, we established that more than 60% of the UK population are overweight or obese, yet many of these people are unwilling or unable to improve their health and longevity by losing weight.  Inspired by an article on , I wanted to address some of the fundamental weight loss barriers faced by people in this difficult situation, with a view to offering some words of encouragement.

Today we will discuss: ‘Barriers to Weight Loss #2 – Environmental Barriers’. Continue reading

Barriers to Weight Loss #1

It should come as no surprise that more that 60% of the UK’s population are considered to be overweight or obese (according to the government’s public health website).  With this seeming epidemic, why are so many people either unable or unwilling to lose weight?

weight loss barriers

I recently read an article on which identified 3 primary barriers to weight loss.  In this article series I will discuss them in detail.  Today we will look at ‘Barriers to Weight Loss #1 – Physical Barriers’. Continue reading

Multivitamin and Multi-Mineral Products

Choosing Multivitamin and Multi-Mineral Products

As a health conscious individual, a recreational triathlete and a former healthcare professional, I am often asked for my opinions relating to nutritional supplements – particularly multivitamin and multi-mineral products.  I have been able to establish some credibility amongst my peers as I have managed to transform my own health and have been able to maintain my goal weight and endurance fitness for close to a decade.

It is my belief that supplementation, alongside a healthy diet is essential to maintain optimum health.  Setting any scientific research to one side for a moment, I personally believe that my sleep patterns, rate of recovery after exercise, immune system and alertness are all positively impacted by using multivitamins and multi-minerals.  I have taken them religiously since May 2006 and anticipate I will continue using them for the rest of my life! Continue reading

Running for Weight Loss

I read an article yesterday entitled: “running for weight loss – Is it a good way to burn fat?” and some of the views that were expressed concerned me a little!

Firstly, it was implied that actually exercise isn’t essential and that nutrition is the only important factor. We know this not to be the case for lasting health benefits.

Secondly, it compared different exercises like-for-like, based on the number of calories burned and didn’t seem to give any consideration to adaptations that occur in the body as a result of different types of exercise. You may have noticed that a runner’s physique is different to a triathlete’s and there are reasons for this.

This post is my rebuttal to the article “running for weight loss – Is it a good way to burn fat?”! Continue reading