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What is The Complete Health Toolkit?

The Complete Health Toolkit Is ‘The Only Resource You Will Ever Need to ‘Take Charge of Your Health, Fitness, Weight, Energy Levels, Vitality, General Wellbeing, State of Mind and Happiness”

As the author of The Complete Health Toolkit workbook I can appreciate that this may seem like a bold statement.  I can assure you that I haven’t used this tagline to give anyone false hope or to mislead anyone.  I attached this tagline because I honestly believe it to be true, based on improvements I have made to my own health and improvements I have witnessed in my Personal Training Clients!

What is included in The Complete Health Toolkit Workbook?

The Complete Health Toolkit Workbook contains all of the following and evaluation copies are currently available COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE:

1.  A tried and tested strategy for making lasting improvements to your health
     (why reinvent the wheel when you can use techniques with proven results?)

2.  A structured approach to setting meaningful goals and targets
     (identify your purpose and develop a plan for achieving meaningful results)

3.  A structured approach for managing and recording net calories
     (this is the key to knowing whether you will lose, gain or maintain weight) 

4.  A simple to follow guide to healthy eating, based on a couple of key principles
     (what goes in determines what you get out, so learn about foods that promote vitality) 

5.  Goal specific exercise programmes for beginners and advanced exercisers
     (simple to follow programmes built around fundamental training principles) 

6.  Tracking tools to log fitness progress and improvements
     (this is essential if you want to know what works best for you and your body) 

7.  A simple to follow guide to rest, recovery and recuperation
     (maximise your results by ensuring your body is able to repair quickly) 

8.  Access to a community of like-minded individuals to motivate and inspire you!
     (a place you can go to find out what is working right now for our members) 

9.  All the above … plus much, much more …
     (the aim of the Complete Health Toolkit workbook is to over-deliver!)

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 Still not ready to commit to making lasting changes to your health?  Then please feel free to browse the ‘health and wellness‘ pages of my blog and return when you are ready:

To your health success,

Andrew Smith
Author of The Complete Health Toolkit

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