It should be apparent from the content on this website that I value education greatly.  I have invested a lot of time, effort and money into my own education and now I believe I am in a strong position to help to educate other like-minded people. I get a real sense of satisfaction from helping others to succeed, by sharing what I have learned both academically and though my personal experiences. Below is an outline of some of my personal academic achievements as well as my current coaching and mentoring roles.

My Educational Background

wetscliff highAt the age of 11, I was fortunate enough to qualify for a place at a Grammar school.  I was one of the last school year groups to be entered for the 11-plus exam (before SATs), the results of which were used to determine the Secondary schools you were eligible to apply for.

I achieved 11 GCSEs at Secondary school and continued my education by studying A-levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and General Studies, at the 6th form of the school where I studied for my GCSEs.  The grades that I achieved in my A-levels gained me entry to Brunel University, Middlesex, where I went on to study a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

My Engineering Education

I studied at Brunel University for 8 years in total.  The first 4 years were spent obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Engineering (with a year in industry) and the remaining 4 year were brunelspent completing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

Whist working on my PhD research project, I was successful in having a number of Journal papers published on the topics of ‘injection moulding’, ‘computational modelling of the injection moulding cycle’ and ‘optimisation of the cooling phase of the injection moulding cycle’. I am very proud to have had papers published in Engineering Journals, as this would probably represent my highest scholarly achievement to date.

My Health and Fitness Education

cyq ptAlongside my post-graduate studies, I attended night school at Uxbridge College, Middlesex.  I spent one year studying part-time to complete my Level 2 Fitness Instructor Award and a further year completing my Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate.  At the time when I began these courses, I only ever intended to use the information as part of my Personal Development and to improve my own health, but I later had the opportunity to use what I had learned to not only help myself, but also to help numerous other people too.  I am still able to help others to improve their Health and Wellness through the information that I share on this website and by distributing ‘The Complete Health Toolkit Workbook’ that I have since written.

My Business Education

USANA_Logotype_3_PMSAlthough my business education has been predominantly self-taught, I have received a huge amount of training and support from both Usana Health Sciences and my Usana Business Partners.  I have also attended training events and seminars with some highly inspirational entrepreneurs and world-renowned motivational speakers, as outlined on the Personal Development page of my site.

Although I have no formal business qualifications, I have received numerous awards from Usana Health Sciences and Success Team International due to the volume of customers I have personally introduced to Usana. This is largely due to what I have learned about Search Engine Optimisation, but also because of my persistence and perseverance. These are character traits which I developed and nurtured using what I have learned through Usana and my own Personal Development.

My Teaching Education and Qualifications

qtsIn 2010 I returned to University to study for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I decided to enroll onto the Secondary Mathematics PGCE course at Newcastle University because it was most closely linked to my Engineering background. Upon completion, I secured my first formal teaching role as a lecturer of Engineering at a college in North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear.

My Teaching and Coaching Background

I believe that I am destined to teach.  I seem to gravitate towards teaching, training, coaching and mentoring type roles.  My purpose is to share information that can impact on peoples’ lives in a positive way.  I appreciate every opportunity I have to share my knowledge and understanding and get a sense of achievement when people acknowledge that they have learned something of use from me.

Engineering Teaching

I have worked as a teacher of Mechanical Engineering for over 4 years. I am primarily responsible for delivering on Level 4 HNC courses in Mechanical, Electrical / Electronic and Manufacturing Engineering and I am the lead deliverer for the Mechanical Science component of the ‘Engineering Science’ HNC unit.  In addition, I currently teach ‘Thermodynamics’ on an HND programme and facilitate work-based projects for a Foundation Degree in Power Distribution.

In addition to Higher National Qualifications, I also teach on the New Generation BTEC Level 2 Engineering courses.  The college where I am employed currently work with 4 local schools delivering Engineering as a vocational option for Key Stage 4 learners.  There has been significant interest in these vocational programmes due to the government’s STEM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).  I currently deliver the ‘Investigating an Engineered Product’, ‘Mathematics for Engineers’ and ‘Using and Interpreting Engineering Information’ units.  I have also delivered ‘The Engineering World’ unit in the last academic year.

Although my involvement on Level 3 BTEC programmes is now somewhat limited, I have delivered numerous units, with my specialisms being ‘Mechanical Principles’, ‘Engineering Materials’ and ‘Electro, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems’.

In addition to my teaching roles I am also the course coordinator for all of the higher education programmes in Engineering at the college.  I took on this responsibility in December 2012 and have witnessed significant growth in this area.  When I took on this role, we had 95 learners enrolled on HNC programmes and 12 enrolled on our Foundation Degree in Power.  Last year we had 161 HNC learners and 25 Foundation Degree learners and this year we have 264 HNC, 9 HND and 25 Foundation Degree learners.

Since taking on the higher education course leadership role I have worked hard to encourage Level 3 learners to progress onto our HE programmes and our internal progression rates are exceptional. We expect a lot from the learners but offer a lot in return. We have a very good reputation with local employers and our HE provision is going from strength to strength!

Teacher Training

I have previously worked as an Innovation and Improvement Practitioner (IIP) for the Engineering department at the college.  This role superseded the Subject Learning Coach roles and my remit was to work with new and existing staff to encourage them to use innovative teaching practices within the classroom.

My appointment in this role was largely due to my own teaching credentials, having been graded as outstanding on 3 separate occasions, during both internal college inspections and independent Teaching Learning and Assessment Reviews (TLAR). It is my personal opinion that my teaching successes have been driven by the mutual respect between my learners and myself. My belief is that it is easier to engage learners who feel they know you, like you and trust you, so building productive relationships has always been a key objective of mine.

Whilst I found this role rewarding, there were significant demands on my time due to the growth in our HE provision and unfortunately I had to make some difficult choices around what to focus on within the college.

Health and Fitness Coaching

As mentioned earlier, I qualified as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer whilst working on my Postgraduate Engineering degree.  Upon completion of my PhD I worked as a freelance Personal Trainer for a number of years.  At the time I was ready for a break from academia, but I still had a passion for helping and coaching other people.

My approach was not only to train my clients, but also to provide them with the knowledge and resources to manage a healthy lifestyle long after they stopped being clients of mine. I compiled a number of resources on ‘preparing goal specific exercise programmes’, ‘healthy eating planning’ and ‘understanding the role that nutritional supplements can play in a healthy, balanced lifestyle’. These resources later formed the basis for ‘The Complete Health Toolkit’ which was written some years later and is still in circulation today.


For more information about ‘The Complete Health Toolkit’ and to register for your free evaluation copy, please visit the Health and Wellness page below:

Business Coaching and Mentoring

In additional to my employed teaching role, I also run a Home Based Network Marketing business. This type of business is perfect for someone of my nature because it is all about sharing information and helping people to get what they want.  You can find out more about this type of business below:

In my own pursuit of success in this industry, I have learned the key principles of Search Engine Optimisation and have achieved numerous front page listings in Google for profitable keywords.  I don’t just have knowledge relating to SEO. I also have valuable experience and have personally achieved meaningful results.  I have applied tried and tested strategies to build the foundation for a successful home business and now I am able to teach my team of distributors how to do the same.  To learn more about my SEO strategies check out the page below:

For information on how to join my team, check out my business partner opportunity page:

Making a Commitment to Lifelong Learning

I have personally made a firm commitment to lifelong learning.  I know that the more I work on myself, the more I will have to offer to others.  As I believe my purpose is to learn and share knowledge, I can only fully contribute if I keep my own knowledge and understanding up to date.  For me, this is not a chore because I love learning and value education. I urge you to make a commitment to lifelong learning so that you are able to help others and make a positive difference in their lives.

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Further Reading Suggestions

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