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I was first introduced to Usana products in 2006. I had completed my Personal Trainer qualification and was working at a local gym.  I had already made some meaningful improvements to my own health, losing a lot of weight and developing my overall fitness.

At this time, I felt as though I still had some way to go to achieve my own health and wellness goals. I wasn’t quite at my ideal weight and I still had aspirations to participate in a range of endurance races, such as triathlons, duathlons and half-marathons.

A friend of a friend approached me (he has since become a good friend of mine!) and he told me all about Usana’s products. I was immediately impressed by the company and was surprised by all of the endorsements, accolades and testimonies that Usana products had received.  I didn’t start using the supplements right away, instead I decided to take the time to do my research first.

Usana Products Research

I left that meeting and immediately started doing my due diligence on the Usana products. What I found changed the way that I felt about nutritional supplements.  I already used various different nutritional products, but realised as a result of my research that I would need to rethink which products I was using.  I believed that using supplements had been instrumental in my health improvements up to that point, but what I didn’t realise was the vast difference in the quality of different brands.

Why are USANA Supplements Rated Highest in the World?

usana products reviewUsana is one of just a handful of companies who manufacture products to pharmaceutical standards.  I learned that most others companies only manufacture to food grade standards.

I also learned that out of more than 1500 different products, Usana Essentials have been awarded the NutriSearch Gold Medal of Achievement in ‘The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements‘.

usana supplementsThe same focus on quality and integrity is applied to all Usana products and Usana offers guarantees that no contaminants or prohibited substances will be found in any of their products.

Once I had reached my conclusions about the Usana products, I knew that they would play a huge role in my health and wellness plan going forward.  It wasn’t long before I wanted to share what I had learned with friends and family too, because I was 100% convinced that Usana products were different.

I have since reached my ideal weight and I regularly compete in endurance events.  This season alone I have completed 9 endurance events, with my greatest achievement being the completion of a Middle Distance Triathlon (Half Ironman) in less than 5 hours.  I have seen improvements every year since using the Usana products.

usana recommendations

Usana Product Recommendations

The following recommendations are based on the products that I personally use, or have previously used in my pursuit of better health.  I never recommend products that I haven’t used for myself and I only recommend products that have truly had a positive impact on my own health and wellness.

These are the Usana products that I personally recommend:

Usana Products – Usana Essentials / Usana Healthpak

USANA Essentials provide key nutrients that my body requires on a daily basis to keep me healthy, alert and energised. I have used variations on this product every single day since May 2006. I now use either the Usana Healthpak or Usana Essentials, along with a selection of Usana Optimizers. I really feel the difference when I use Active Calcium, Procossa, Biomega and Proflavanol alongside the Essentials, which are the products that I currently use.

Usana Reset / Usana Macro-Optimizers

Using Usana Reset has helped me to lose a significant amount of weight on two separate occasions (see my health and wellness story).  This low glycemic, high fiber cleanse (detox) helps your body to adjust to low glycemic index foods.  The Usana Macro Optimizers (Nutrimeal and Usana snack bars) can then be used alongside whole foods to make further improvements. These products help you to manage your food intake by enabling you to take control of carbohydrate cravings.

If I ever need to drop a few pounds of excess body weight in the lead up to a race, I will use Usana’s low glycemic foods to support weight loss or weight management.


The Usana Difference

Usana Health Sciences manufacture a range of nutritional supplements, healthcare and personal care products, including high quality multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, meal replacements and advanced skincare products.

Since 1992 when Usana was founded, the company tagline has remained unchanged. Usana’s tagline is “Nutritionals You can Trust”.  In line with their vision, Usana have produced world-class, cutting edge, pharmaceutical grade products for more than 20 years.  The company exceeds industry standards, maintaining their position as a global leader in the manufacture of nutrition, healthcare and personal care products.

Usana products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, even though the industry regulations in most countries only requires nutritional supplementation to be made to food grade standards.  Usana voluntarily adheres to this standard, in keeping with the company’s vision.

Usana Health Sciences also guarantees that no banusana productsned / prohibited substances or contaminants will be found in any of the Usana products. That is why health conscious individuals and world-class athletes alike can use Usana’s products with confidence.  Numerous world-class athletes and teams have aligned themselves with Usana because of the athlete guarantee that they offer.  These claims can be made because of the manufacturing processes and raw ingredients used at Usana.

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