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Usana customers can buy Usana products online, either as a retail customer or as a preferred customer.  Preferred customers receive 20% discounts on all product orders (wholesale price), whereas retail customers can order online without signing up for a customer account.

Buy Usana Products Online Today

As Usana Health Sciences is a Direct Sales company, Usana products are ordered direct, usually through Independent Associates. Usana then fulfills all product orders.

Order Usana Supplements: Retail Customer Ordersbuy usana products

If you would like to buy Usana products as a retail customer, please visit the online shop using the link below:


Alternatively, you may wish to set up a Preferred Customer account (instructions below). Setting up your customer account is a straight forward process and costs you nothing. As a Preferred Customer you receive the following benefits:

  • You will qualify for discounts of up to 20% on all of your purchases
  • You will have access to all of Usana’s products and product ranges
  • You will have access to order tracking information
  • Your delivery and payment details will be stored to simplify future ordering

Buy Usana Products: Preferred Customer Ordersusana products

To register for a Preferred Customer account, please follow the 4 steps below.  Once the process is complete you will receive an email from Usana notifying you of your Preferred Customer login details.

1. Click the link below to go to ‘Online Customer Enrollment’:


Under the heading ‘Enrollment Location and Type‘ pick your Country from the drop down menu and select ‘Preferred Customer‘ under ‘Account Type‘.  Click the ‘Online Enrollment‘ button.

2. Next, Fill in your details on the ‘Enrollment Information‘ form (your personal details, chosen password, contact information, etc.)

3. Under the heading ‘Please select the products for your initial order‘, select which Usana products you wish to order and click ‘Continue‘ to proceed.

4. Finally you will then be prompted to input your ‘Payment Information‘ and ‘Confirm‘ your initial order.

Why USANA Products are NOT in Retail Stores

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Usana Products Pricelists

Please use the links below to review retail and preferred customer product pricing for each of Usana’s markets:

Usana Australia Pricelist

Usana Canada Price List

Usana Hong Kong Prices

Usana Japan Price List

Usana Korea Pricelist

Usana Malaysia Prices

Usana Mexico Pricelist

Usana Netherlands Price List

Usana New Zealand Prices

Usana Philippines Pricelist

Usana Singapore Price List

Usana Taiwan Prices

Usana UK Pricelist

Usana US Pricelist

Usana Product Reviews

If you are not quite ready to buy Usana Products and would like more information about Usana Health Sciences, please check out the ‘Usana Products Information and Reviews‘ page below:

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9 thoughts on “Buy Usana Products Online – Wholesale or Retail?

  1. Gabriel Navarro

    I would like to buy as ¨preferred customer¨ and not as ¨Distributor associated¨ in Hong Kong, but such option is not allowed as soon as Hong Kong is specified.

    How to do it ?

    Or how to buy USANA products in HK not being Distributor Associated ?

    Thnak you.

    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Gabriel. Unfortunately you are not able to apply for a preferred customer account online, as Usana Hong Kong need to see your identity card. You can still become a PC by filling out a paper copy of the application and submitting it, along with copies of your identity card. I will email you privately with more details.

      Many thanks


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  7. Ivy Claudette Taysa Montero

    greetings!i am wondering how can I order usana products here in HongKong under my husband’s name who is an associate member in the Philippines?

    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Ivy,

      You can either ask your husband to place the order for you, or alternatively state his associate ID when ordering. The commission points from your order will then be attached to his business.




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