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Usana CellSentials Overview

usana cellsentialsUsana Essentials have been given a powerful upgrade!

The Usana CellSentials are the new cornerstone product for Usana’s nutritional system of innovative product ranges. They contain the high quality vitamins (anti-oxidants) and minerals that we have come to expect from Usana, but they also include Usana’s own patent pending InCelligence formulations.

The short video below outlines the numerous functions within the human body, which rely on advanced levels of micro-nutrients. You will learn how InCelligence makes Usana CellSentials the most innovative micro-nutrient product available:


As you will see from the video, Usana CellSentials aim to nourish, protect and renew the cells of our bodies. Providing cells with advanced levels of nourishment enables them to function optimally. Protecting them from free-radical damage can help to combat ageing and the onset of degenerative disease. Until now, we have relied on our body’s own renewal processes to rejuvenate our cells, but with Usana’s patent pending InCelligence, these processes can actually be supported and encouraged.

The major difference with the CellSentials is that Usana have discovered how to communicate with our bodily systems via cell signalling, which can actually encourage the body’s natural protection mechanisms and healing processes.

buy usana cellsentialsTwo specific examples of how InCelligence works are anti-oxidant generation and mitochondrial replacement. In simple terms, our bodies can actually produce anti-oxidants and Usana CellSentials have been designed to encourage this process by communicating with our DNA and signalling for anti-oxidants to be produced. Secondly, our bodies replace ageing mitochondria, but not always as quickly as we would like. Usana CellSentials can enhance this process via cell signalling.

It is this forward thinking, innovative approach to supplementation that has allowed Usana Health Sciences to lead the nutritional supplements industry since its inception in 1992.

Usana CellSentials Review

I have personally used the Usana Essentials since May 2006. I have trusted my health to Usana for over a decade and I have every confidence in all of their products. The Usana CellSentials are no exception. I have recently added these to my regimen and look forward to experiencing the health benefits that they offer!

I strongly recommend trying them for yourself:


Buy Usana CellSentials

For more information on how to buy Usana CellSentials online, please click the link below. Note that you can either order Usana products as a retail customer, or you can set up a preferred customer account and order at wholesale prices:


How to Buy Usana CellSentialsDSA

As Usana Health Sciences is a  DSA approved direct selling company, Usana CellSentials are not available in the supermarkets or health food shops. Products ordered direct from manufacturers represent better value for money, as you cut out the middleman and actually get what you are paying for.

Usana products can be ordered via Usana Independent Associates. As an Independent Associate, I am happy to help you with placing your order. If you have any questions then please contact me on

Where you can Buy Usana CellSentials

Usana continues to expands its markets year on year. If you currently reside in one of the following countries, then you can order online Usana CellSentials using the link below the list.

United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Belgium, France, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea


Usana Products Information

To learn more about Usana Health Sciences and their innovative nutritional supplements, including the Usana CellSentials and Usana MyHealthpak, please click below: