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Usana Healthpak Overview

Nutritional supplements are most effective when they are used every single day.  This enables the absorption of important nutrients throughout the day, every day.

buy usana healthpakWith the Usana Healthpak it is easier and more convenient to take your supplements regularly, because your daily products are pre-packaged into AM and PM pouches.  The Usana Healthpak contains optimum doses of the Usana Essentials, along with Active Calcium and an additional AO Booster, which provides a further powerful dose of antioxidants and key nutrients.

The Usana Healthpak removes the need for counting and separating and it is specifically designed to provide an appropriate balance of nutrients to support the body’s nutritional needs. The Usana HealthPak inluces Active Calcium to support healthy bones and is also the only product which contains Usana’s patented AO Booster.

Please watch the video below to understand why the Usana Healthpak is the product of choice for so many Usana Associates and Customers around the world:

Usana Healthpak Review – My Story

If you have read my Usana Product Recommendations then you will know that I use a range of Usana supplements and have previously used the Usana Healthpak.  I loved the added convenience of the AM and PM pouches because it helped me to remember to take my nutritional supplements every day.  This was particularly convenient when I was traveling or away from home for any length of time, because I only needed to take the AM and PM packs for the number of days that I expected to be away from home.  If you decide to use a number of the Usana products (Essentials and Optimizers) then it is likely that you would have a number of bottles, which isn’t ideal when travelling.

Although I no longer use the Healthpak, I do still use the Usana Essentials and a number of the Usana Optimizers, including Active Calcium, Procossa, Proflavanol and Biomega.  My decision to no longer use the Usana Healthpak came about because there were additional products that I wanted to include in my nutritional plan that were not included in the Healthpak.

Ausana healthpak alternatives I still wanted to have my supplements pre-sorted into AM and PM doses, I now use a tablet container so that I can prepare my nutritional products for a full week, at the start of the week.  Therefore, I am still able to take my chosen Usana products each day, with the added convenience that the Healthpak offers.

Usana now offer a fully customisable product called the MyHealthpak, which allows you to chose which products to add to separate AM and PM pouches.  This is only available to Usana Associates and Preferred Customers and is something that I would definitely choose if I were likely to be away from home for longer that 1 week in a given month.  I could continue to use the same products and have them pre-sorted into AM and PM packs for a full month.

Buy the Usana Healthpak

If you wish to try the Usana Products and are not entirely sure which ones suit your personal needs, then the Usana Healthpak is likely to be a suitable place to start.  You can order this product as either a retail customer or a preferred customer, so please click the link below for more information:


How to Buy the Usana Healthpak

Usana is a direct sales company,  so all orders are placed online direct with Usana.  Most orders are placed through Usana Associates who actively promote the benefits of the Usana products.  As an Independent Associate, I am always keen to do what I can to ensure you get the right products to suit your needs.  Therefore, if you have any questions please contact me on  I will gladly answer your questions, or seek answers if I am unable to personally assist you.

Where you can Buy Usana Healthpaks

Usana products are available in countries all around the world.  Every year Usana opens new markets in response to product awareness and demand.  You can currently buy the Usana Healthpak online in any of the following countries:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines.

Usana Products Information

For more information about the Usana Healthpak, or the Usana Products in general, please click the link below:

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