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Usana Reset Overview

Usana Reset is a 3-phase weight management programme, designed to help you to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight.  The Usana reset programme uses low-glycemic meals, meal replacements and snacks to enable you to take control of cravings for high sugar foods. Many people experience carbohydrate cravings as a result of spikes in blood sugar levels and Reset can help to regulate blood sugar levels by providing slow release energy.  Low glycemic index foods release sugar into the blood stream slowly and are preferred, whereas high glycemic foods should be avoided if possible as they release energy very quickly.

There are 3 phases to Usana Reset.  The first phase is the ‘Jump Start’ phase which is a 5-day high fiber cleanse / detox.  The second phase is ‘Transform’, where you continue to replace a number of meals with Usana foods, in order to control calorific intake and benefit from low glycemic index, slow energy release foods.  The third phase is ‘Maintain’.  Once you have achieved your weight management goals you can continue using Usana foods and snacks in order to maintain the body you have worked hard to achieve!

Please watch the short video below for more information about Usana Reset and the 3 phases of Reset:

Usana Reset Review – My Story

Assuming that you have read my Usana Product Recommendations, you will know that I have used Usana Reset on a number of occasions.  Each time I have had weight loss / weight management goals, Usana foods have played a key role in their attainment.

I currently use Usana meal replacements and snacking bars when I am looking to drop weight in the lead up to endurance races and I also carry Usana bars so that I have something healthy to snack on between meals.  I have learned the importance of being prepared, as I know that when I am hungry I am more likely to make poor food choices unless I have healthy snacks to hand.

Usana Reset – Guide to Successful Implementation

In order to implement Usana Reset, it is important to fully understand each stage of the programme.  You also need to know which products you require for each phase. Please watch the video below for further information about the purpose and requirements of each phase of the Reset programme and then continue reading for details of which products you should purchase for each phase.

Usana Reset – Jump Start Phase

Please note that the jump start kit is not available in all of the countries where Usana operates.  However you can still order each of the components separately by following the guidance outlined below.  This is also a slightly more cost effective approach to purchasing the pre-packaged Jump Start kit.

usana reset jump start

The Jump Start phase of Reset lasts for 5 days.  Throughout this phase you should take a Usana Healthpak in the morning and in the evening.  You will also need to consume 3 Usana Nutrimeals each day and 2 Usana Bars.

Each Usana Nutrimeal pouch contains 9 servings and so you will need 2 of these to complete the 5 day Jump Start.  Nutrimeal is currently available in Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla and Wild Strawberry flavours.

Usana Snack Bars come in boxes of 14, so you will only need one of these to complete the Jump Start phase.  Usana Bars are currently available in the following flavours: Peanutty Bliss, Choco Chip and Fudge Delight.

Transform Phase

Once you have completed the Jump Start phase you should move onto the Transform phase. In this phase you can continue making changes to your weight or body shape.  During the Transform phase you should still use the Usana Healthpak or Usana Essentials and replace 2 meals each day with Usana Nutrimeal and 1 snack with Usana Snack Bars.

This phase of the programme can last as long as you wish, or until you reach your ideal weight.  Remember that each pouch of Usana Nutrimeal will last 4 or 5 days during the Transform phase and each box of Usana Snack Bars will last 14 days.

Maintain Phase

Once you have reached your ideal weight you can enter into the Maintain phase.  During the Maintain phase, continue using your Usana Healthpak or Essentials and replace 1 meal each day with Nutrimeal and 1 snack each day with Usana Snacks.

In this phase a pouch of Nutrimeal will last 9 days and a box of Snack Bars will last 14 days.

 Buy Usana Reset

There are two different buying options available when purchasing Usana products.  As there are a number of products required during Usana Reset, I strongly recommend signing up as a Preferred Customer for up to 20% discounts.  Click below for more details:


How to Buy Usana Reset

When you order Usana products you are ordering direct from Usana, which keeps the products affordable.  Customer orders are usually placed through independent associates who provide information and guidance on the products that are available.  I have been working as an Independent Associate for Usana since May 2006 and have experienced first-hand the benefits related to a number of the Usana products (including Reset). If you have any further questions about Reset then please get in touch. Email me on if you require any further information.

Where you can Buy Usana Reset

Components of the Usana Reset programme are available in the following countries:

Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Belgium, Canada, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United States (US)

Although the Jump Start kit is not available in every Usana market, there is sufficient information on this page to order the products that are required to complete each phase of Usana Reset.  Once again, if you are unsure what products you need, drop me an email on

Usana Reset Components

Components of Usana Reset include:

Usana Healthpak
Usana Essentials
Usana Reset (Jump Start)
Usana Nutrimeal
Usana Snack Bars

For general Usana product information please read the following review:

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