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Running for Weight Loss

go I read an article yesterday entitled: “running for weight loss – Is it a good way to burn fat?” and some of the views that were expressed concerned me a little!

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http://www.industries3r.com/albiol/416 Firstly, it was implied that actually exercise isn’t essential and that nutrition is the only important factor. We know this not to be the case for lasting health benefits.

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enter Secondly, it compared different exercises like-for-like, based on the number of calories burned and didn’t seem to give any consideration to adaptations that occur in the body as a result of different types of exercise. You may have noticed that a runner’s physique is different to a triathlete’s and there are reasons for this.


http://www.castleimmobiliare.it/?buisews=miglior-software-per-opzioni-binarie&f77=33 This post is my rebuttal to the article “running for weight loss – Is it a good way to burn fat?”! Continue reading

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