Usana Enrolment 2016: New Associates and PCs

Usana Associate and Preferred Customer Enrollment

usana enrolment2016 has been an important year in my personal journey with Usana Health Sciences. I have continued to actively promote Usana’s products and the Usana business opportunity using the Online Marketing strategies that I have been developing and refining over a number of years.

The compounding effects of my ongoing efforts have, once again, brought noteworthy results in 2016. I have just been acknowledged as the number 1 Usana Associate Sponsor, as well as the number 1 for Preferred Customer enrollment in our UK based team!

An International Home Business with Usana

It is important to note that although our Usana team is based in the UK, it is not restricted to the UK. As you will see below, I have personally enrolled Usana Associates and Preferred Customers all around the world. Usana’s seamless international compensation plan makes this possible for Usana Associates, like myself, who are committed to building a part-time home business and powerful income producing asset.


Personally Sponsored Usana Associates

In 2016 I personally enrolled 14 new Usana Associates. These new business partners are based around the Philippines, Malaysia, the United States and Canada (see below). During times of economic uncertainty, there is no better way to safeguard your Usana income than to work with business partners in different countries and on different continents!

usana associate enrolment

As the sponsoring associate for each of my new team members, I am eligible for commissions based on the sales volume that they produce. Having purchased their own Usana Enrolment packs, they will also earn commissions as they build and grow their own independent businesses. This cultivates an excellent environment for teamwork and support. Stephen Covey teaches us to “Think Win Win” in ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. Here is a perfect example of ‘Win Win’ in action!

Personally Sponsored Usana Preferred Customers

My Usana Preferred Customer enrolment has also reached new levels this year, as I have personally sponsored 62 new Preferred Customers from all around the world, including Singapore, Australia, Germany, Italy, the UK and many more countries (see snapshot below)!

Usana Preferred Customer Enrollment

To put this into context, I will receive commissions whenever any of these Preferred Customers order products, now and in the future, as will my upline team members!

Usana Enrolment and Marketing Strategies

As mentioned earlier, the marketing strategies that I adopt in my business are primarily Online Marketing strategies. You could argue that I am a ‘self-taught Internet marketer’, as I have no formal marketing qualifications. However, I have followed numerous internet marketing courses and have purchased a lot of related training programmes over the years. All of which has been done under my own volition and with my personal desire to excel.

Some of the strategies that I have learned have been adopted in my business and many have been discarded! I have also been fortunate enough to identify some exceptional mentors and coaches who have helped me to excel in very competitive markets.

The tools and strategies that I have learned and refined will undoubtedly help me in my own business pursuits in the future, but also have the potential to benefit my new team members and business partners. I am confident that these skills and strategies will continue to be invaluable to myself and anyone who joins my Usana team in the future. That’s why I am looking forward to 2017 with an abundance of enthusiasm and optimism!

You can learn more about the Usana Home Based Business and the different Usana enrollment packs available on the following page of my blog:

All the best for 2017!

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