Usana InCelligence Review – The Future of Supplementation

Why Use Supplements?

usana supplmentsBefore becoming a Usana Independent Associate, I did my due diligence and so I understand the numerous health benefits associated with using nutritional supplements, particularly micro-nutrient products containing anti-oxidants (vitamins) and minerals. That said, the choice to use or not use nutritional supplements is a personal one and I avoid forcing my opinions on to other people. There may be overwhelming evidence to suggest that nutritional supplements can have a positive impact on our health, but not everyone is open to considering the evidence.

But if you ask anyone who does use nutritional supplements to tell you why they made that choice, then they will most likely tell you that they value their body and want to give it the nutrients that it needs to be healthy. Alternatively, they may tell you that they want to do everything in their power to delay ageing and deteriorating health, or perhaps you will be told that they take supplements to make them look and feel more vital and energised.

What you are less likely to hear is that they use supplements to communicate with the cells of their body, triggering natural protection and rejuvenation mechanisms … until now that is!

Introducting Usana InCelligence

Why Choose Usana?

Usana Health Sciences continues to lead the nutritional supplements industry with their ground-breaking InCelligence blends. These can be found in the new Usana CellSentials products, which will replace the ever-popular Usana Essentials range. The Essentials are being superseded, despite receiving numerous awards and accolades for Usana.

The Usana Essentials received the NutriSearch Gold Medal of Achievement in the 4th Edition of ‘The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements’, but pioneering a sector as competitive as the nutritional supplementation industry requires a commitment to constant innovation and a forward thinking approach. Usana unquestionably has these attributes in abundance!

buy usana cellsentialsUsana InCelligence goes beyond simply nourishing cells, to helping to protect and even replenishing them. The InCellingence blends communicate with our body’s cells by a process known as cell signalling, helping to stimulate processes which occur naturally within the body. Examples include triggering the production of anti-oxidants to protect our cells and signalling for the the generation of replacement mitochondria as our cells age. Although these processes do occur naturally, it is not always at a rate that is truly desirable.

True Health with Usana

I made the decision to trust my health to Usana back in May 2006 and have done so ever since. With patents pending on the technology behind InCelligence, the quality of Usana’s new product lines are likely to be unmatched for some time. That is why I encourage like-minded, health conscious individuals to consider trusting their health to Usana too!

To learn more about Usana InCelligence and the new Usana CellSentials range, please click the link below:


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